Demandforce and Intuit Making Wishes Come True for Small Businesses

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 Success in small business never comes just by wishing for it. But thanks to the new "Small Business, Big Wishes" campaign from Intuit's Love Our Local Business, numerous small business owners will have their wishes granted in time for the new year.



Announcing our Latest Innovation: Demandforce + QuickBooks

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This post was written by Dane Price, our Community Intern.


*The Network tab has been renovated! Same great features, brand new look. As of July 12th, 2013, the Demandforce “Network” tab is now known as the “Intuit Local” tab. The Activity Feed, Channels, and Offers have all been redesigned but have the same functionality as with the old network tab.This update also includes an interactive map that shows all non-competing businesses in your area and displays your “business card”, which is shown to the customers of other nearby businesses.


Ever since we joined forces with Intuit, we’ve been making big plans for the future. Both Demandforce and Intuit share the vision of helping small businesses thrive in an ever-evolving world of technology. We know we can help make the world a better place if we work together to create the ultimate back and front office solutions, so we went for it.


Today, we are introducing Demandforce + QuickBooks – the best thing to happen to the small business owner since they opened their doors and let in their first customer. Here’s how it works: Demandforce pulls key data out of QuickBooks and then uses it to automatically communicate with customers and market their business.


Since we now integrate directly with QuickBooks, any business who keeps customer data in QuickBooks and uses QuickBooks to invoice their customers can experience the same success as our current customers. And we’ve got the numbers to prove it. To date, Demandforce has helped over 20,000 businesses generate $3 billion in revenue, 2.3 million customer reviews and connected 36 million consumers! As we add QuickBooks businesses to the Demandforce Network, we will expose your business to thousands more potential customers. Now that is pretty awesome.


We can’t wait to see the power of Demandforce fuel small businesses everywhere. Visit or read the press release for more information.


Demandforce Works Wonders by Mayer A. Levitt, DMD

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df works wonders.jpg

This guest blog post is brought to you by our good friend, Dr. Mayer Levitt at Jodena Consulting, providing Dental practices with solutions to complex problems since 1989. Mayer offers an array of valuable advice to dental practices via his blog.  For easy access to his dental wisdom, simply sign up to follow Mayer's blog


Four to five years ago, I became very actively involved with my clients in helping them to develop and design websites. It was at that time that I began to recognize the power of the Internet and the magic of search engine optimization to direct potential patients to a dental practice. It was about two years later that I began recommending Demandforce to my clients as an alternative to telephone confirmation of scheduled appointments, because e-mail confirmation or texting to a cell phone seemed like such an innovative idea, and a great time saver for front desk staff. 



The Polls are Open and It’s Time to Vote!

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This post was written by Alina Tatevosyan, our Marketing Manager.


Well, it’s that time of the year again when the dental community casts its vote for the industry favorites in products and services.  For 10 years the Townie Choice Awards gave dental professionals an opportunity to share the best of the best in peer recommendations in everything from dental floss to digital impressioning.  Demandforce is no stranger to the Townie Choice ballot.  In fact, we have been honored not only with a nomination, but being the reigning champion in dental marketing for the last 3 years.  We have no intentions of giving up the title as we continue to provide the industry leading online communications and marketing solution.



This year, Demandforce is once again nominated in three categories:


1)      Dental Marketing


2)      Software – Patient Communication Systems


3)      Internet Marketing & Web Services


Make your vote count today!  Voting takes only minutes, but impacts the entire Townie community for a year.  Simply go to and follow the voting instructions.

Your Reputation and Citysearch

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This post was written by Eric Chavez, our Enterprise Services Specialist.


your rep and citysearch 1.pngRecently, Demandforce launched its integration with Citysearch, resulting in the syndication of our valued customers’ Demandforce reviews to,, and


Why is this so important?


With the Citysearch integration, your reputation will be exposed to more than 10 million unique visitors a month (across the Citysearch sites network). Whereas Google boast a much higher visitor count, these are visitors that encompass all types of searches.


The Extreme Demandforce Makeover Contest Winners

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This post was written by Shine-Ning Ni, our Online Services Specialist.


pizza party.jpg

Here on Demandforce’s customer care team, there’s no better feeling than knowing when our users are getting a firm grasp on our product. But it’s truly a special moment to see when the customer goes above and beyond and utilizes our product in an innovative way. With our latest contest, “Extreme Demandforce Makeover – Campaign Edition”, we gave our customers the opportunity to design some custom e-mail newsletters, using the new design features we recently implemented into Demandforce.


We were pleasantly surprised with the results! Many Demandforce users immediately embraced the features and infused their campaigns with creativity and an uncanny understanding of what reaches their customers. Some were eye catching and others had great ideas to bring customers into their doors. While there were many contestants, we could only pick 5 winners – after careful deliberation amongst a panel of judges, they were:


Kensington Service Station
Gateway Eye Associates
ProActive Health
Mario Monge D.M.D.
Pure Salon Spa


What did the winners get? A pizza party on us! All winners were contacted shortly after the public announcement and were granted an order from the pizza place of their choice! For more opportunities to win great prizes, "like" us on Facebook and stay on top of your Demandforce knowledge!


[Image via Public Domain Images]

Using Referrals to Get More Customers Into Your Practice

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Whether you have a referral program already or are thinking of one, here are some tips to get the most exposure to get your current customers to refer you.



Extreme DemandForce Makeover – Campaign Edition

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This post was written by Eric Ng, our Customer Success Manager.


extreme demandforce makeover campaign edition.jpg

Contest Details
It's that time again! The next official DemandForce contest is set to begin on February 20th, 2012, and as always, we’ll be giving our winners some great prizes!


As you may have noticed, there have been some changes to the DemandForce Campaigns tab. We’ve incorporated some new tools for you guys to play with (like an image upload tool), so we’re asking YOU to create and send out a newsletter to help your business generate more revenue.


Contest Rules


When: 2/20/12 8:00 am  to  3/9/12 5:00 pm PST


What: At anytime between these dates, you must plan, develop, and send out an e-mail campaign (newsletter) to your customers.



10 New Year's Resolutions To Ensure A Successful 2012 (Part I)

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10 new  year's resolutions.jpg

This a two-part series created to help our Demandforce customers utilize the most important, yet sometimes overlooked, features of their Demandforce D3. Part I dives into the 5 initial steps for success while Part II focuses on the next 5 steps.  


Make Sure Demandforce Is Working For You


2012 has arrived, and with the advent of the New Year comes good intentions to work on areas in your life that may have gone unattended. Most of our resolutions tend to be around appearance, money and family. While those are worthy subjects, why not add your business to the mix?


As a Demandforce user, one of the most effective ways to help your business succeed in 2012 is to take the time getting to know your Demandforce D3. The best thing about Demandforce is that its entire job is to work for you. But that means doing a few things upfront on your end to ensure that you are getting the most out of the system. To make this as easy and painless as possible, we’ve identified the top 5 areas to focus on and tips to getting started.


Demandforce 4th year as Google Places ™ Data Provider

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demandforce 4th year as google places data provider.pngDemandforce has entered our 4th year as a data provider to Google Places ™ and we are so proud to have such a positive longstanding working relationship with Google. Even more important is the fact that we have been able to develop such a powerful suite of tools to help small businesses build, maintain and leverage their most important asset, a great online reputation.


Read below for the full story or read it directly on our website.


So what does Demandforce being a "data provider" mean for your business? Being a data provider for Google simply means Google accepts and has the right to publish any information Demandforce sends them.  This includes basic business information, reviews, and data from our score-by-question survey feature.



An Update Regarding Recent Google Places Page Formatting Changes

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an update regarding recent google changes.png

This letter was sent to Demandforce Customers this morning:

To our Valued Customers,


Late last week, Google made yet another update to its Google Places Pages. We’d like to take this opportunity to explain these changes and review the suite of world-class reputational marketing tools that Demandforce offers to help our customers increase the value of their online reputation.


Google and Reviews

Demandforce has had a data integration agreement with Google since 2008 and that status has not changed. Demandforce continues to make available business profile data and certified consumer reviews to help populate Google’s Places pages. Currently, Demandforce makes available over 1 million reviews from our more than 11,000 business customers. Through our integration agreement with Google, our Demandforce Connect for Facebook module and our WebFeed data delivery service to 90 additional Web sites, you can trust that your business listing, specialties, hours of operation and other information are accurately and reliably represented on the web.


Regarding the recent Google Places changes, Google provides its users with an ever-evolving online experience, and they will continue to do so. The most recent update is particularly interesting for these two reasons:


Five Tidbits To Increase Your Productivity In Demandforce D3

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five tidbits to increase your productivity in demandforce d3.jpg


 Ajay Patel, our  Sr. Technical Support Rep, put together this fantastic list of information tidbits that can do wonders when it comes to increasing your productivity. Thanks Ajay, and enjoy the post everyone!

~ Annie


Staring into the Eyes of the Red Dragon

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I'd like to welcome one of our newest team members, Danny Leung. I asked Danny to share some thoughts on his first week at Demandforce, and to share any learnings with our blog community - Enjoy!



staring into the eyes of the red dragon.jpg

Let me introduce myself, my name is Danny Leung, and I’m a Services Implementation Specialist. I recently graduated from UC Davis, and moved to San Francisco almost immediately. My first week at Demandforce can be summed up, to sound cliché, as demanding. I never expected such a relaxed and casual atmosphere that still had purpose, which is to please our clients’ services.


Change Up Your Incentives To Increase Appointment Requests

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Prashant makes a critical point in this post - keep your content fresh and you'll keep your customers interested in what you have to say! Enjoy.

~ Annie


change up your incentives to increase appointment requests.jpg

I love it when auto shops call and just want to talk about how they can market their shop using Demandforce. The first thing that comes to mind is always the same - I show them how to edit our automated communications that go out to their customers.


Many shops are running a referral special that they set up months or years ago. I give them ideas on some recently successful referral campaigns to get the creative juices flowing. One popular offer is "refer a friend and get free movie tickets or refer a friend and receive 15% off on parts and labor." A small change like this can make a noticeable impact.


New Business Profiles Are Here!

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This post was written by Jenn de Guerre, our Marketing Manager.


The Demandforce Business Profile is a robust and attractive site designed to encourage customers to close the loop on the email communications and marketing efforts driven from your Demandforce software, including appointment confirmations and requests, reviews and promotions.


Over the next few weeks, each and every one of our customers will get the new Business Profile - so be on the look out for an email coming from us letting you know when the switch has taken place for your business.


In the meantime, check out our new video on the Demandforce Business Profiles!


Kicking Off 2011 with New Social Media Features!

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This post was written by Jenn de Guerre, our Marketing Manager.


We are happy to announce new features added to Demandforce D3!


"With the launch of these new features, we keep customers at the forefront of technology. Demandforce is focused on making it easy for service businesses to attract new consumers and enhance their business reputation where consumers spend most of their time: online in social networks and local search results," said Dr. Mark Hale, Chief Technology Officer, Demandforce. "Our ultimate goal is to bring our customers innovative technology, while making it easy to understand and implement. With this new release, we do just that."


The new features added to Demandforce D3 are available to all customers and will be rolled out over the next few weeks. These features include:



Demandforce Tips for Google Local Success

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This post was written by Bonnie Wang, our Online Services Manager.


As a Demandforce customer, you already know that we are in the business of helping our customers thrive in the Internet economy. You also know that Google plays a noted role in small businesses effectively leveraging the Internet to attract, retain, and grow. Although Google is constantly changing the local search game rules, we’ve put together some tips to help you take advantage of the traffic Google will send to your better-optimized Google Places profile.


1. Own Your Local Online Presence


The first key step to establishing a stronger local search presence on Google is to work with us when we call to claim your listing a few weeks after signing-up for Demandforce. As a new Demandforce client, we will claim your Google Places profile if you have not already as a part of your standard subscription fee. Claiming your place page not only allows you to update information about your business (e.g., hours, specialties, promotions, etc.) on Google, but it also gives you opportunities to out-rank competitors by optimizing your business listing for targeted keyword and geographic areas.


2. Keep the Reviews Fresh


The quantity and quality of the reviews is not a guarantee to get you on the 1st page. However, because Google likes fresh content, having a regular stream of reviews flowing to your profile can earn you points. Our communications tool makes it easy for you to collect this feedback from your customers at the right time and share it on Google. A simple way to increase your review response rate is by customizing your Thank You Emails with a friendly, personalized note. Let your customers know why it’s so important that they submit feedback.


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