Small Business, Big Game, Big Wins

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Small businesses and self-employed solopreneurs, get ready: Intuit, our parent company, is bringing back “Small Business, Big Game.” One lucky small business will win an all-expenses-paid TV commercial to air during professional football’s biggest game on Feb. 7, 2016. All businesses that participate are eligible for additional prizes, so there will be plenty of winning on and off the field.


Intuit’s first “Small Business, Big Game” contest winner, toymaking startup GoldieBlox, reached more than 100 million viewers with their ad during the game. Since then, GoldieBlox has gone on to launch three new games and a new mobile app.


Want that kind of boost for your business? Hop over to the Small Business Big Game website, enter, and let your customers know to vote for your shot at the big time!


The top 10 finalists, to be revealed on Sept. 3, win an all-expenses-paid trip to Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect conference, in San Jose, CA, from Nov. 2-4. The top three winners will be announced during the conference.


And speaking of QuickBooks Connect...QBC_National_RGB_241x220[2].png


QuickBooks Connect


Intuit is taking QuickBooks Connect on the road with several local events. Attendees can register for Small Business Big Game and the national QuickBooks Connect conference.


Visit the QuickBooks Local site to find the event closest to you. It’s the best way to get expert advice on hiring, marketing and finance, and meet other small business owners like yourself.


OWN IT - A Network Dedicated to Your Success


OWN IT, hosted by QuickBooks, is a trusted network of small business owners and the self-employed supporting each other in growing our businesses. Join us to enter “Small Business, Big Game,” and to talk shop with others who know the unique challenges and opportunities of running your own business. Stay connected on the run - download the mobile iOS app by searching "Own It" in the App Store on iTunes.

Here at Demandforce, we’re always listening to your feedback. Whether it’s a feature you love, or an improvement you’d like to see, we want to hear what you have to say, so that we can make Demandforce better for you.


Delighting your customers in easy and simple ways

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In this day and age, it’s important to make a good impression on your customers. An amazing customer experience can keep your current customers coming back, and bring in new ones as well!


On March 11, we held a Google Hangout discussing 10 unexpected ways small business owners can delight their customers. Our experts included Anthony Dell and Sareena Hirani, Customer Success Managers at Demandforce, as well as Aliza Carpio, a Technology Evangelist at Intuit.




5 Emails You Should Be Sending

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This week we presented at Speak Up Millennium about the types of emails you should be sending, and to whom. Here’s a few highlights from the presentation:


Are you heading to Orlando for NAVC this year? We are, and we’re ready to help make 2015 your practice’s best year yet. Read on for a sneak preview of some of the things we have planned.


Call Me Maybe?

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I think we can all agree appointment reminders reduce no-shows. Automating reminders using email and text messaging is the perfect way to contact customers and requires a minimal amount of effort from your staff. What about the customers you don’t have an email or cellphone for?



30 Days Of Thanks

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30 days of thanks.png


We often overlook the basics, but it’s the basics in anything that build the foundation for success. That’s why during the month of November Demandforce will be thanking our customers, employees and partners!


Everyone knows this is the best time of year to show your appreciation for people that are important to you, and we want to help! Tell us about someone in your office, an employee raising the bar for your business or a repeat customer you consider family! 


Concierge and Direct Pay Practice Models

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Kareo.pngThis post was written by Lea Chatham, Content Marketing Manager at Kareo responsible for developing educational resources to help small medical practices improve their businesses.


A recent study found that too much third party interference is actually one of the top frustrations among physicians. To take back a modicum of the control over how they practice, some providers are turning to alternate models like concierge medicine and direct pay.


Physician Use of Mobile Devices on the Rise

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This post was written by Lea Chatham, Content Marketing Manager at Kareo, responsible for developing educational resources to help small medical practices improve their businesses.



There is often debate about whether or not electronic health records (EHR) increase efficiency and save time. One area where most people do agree there are benefits is in the use of mobile devices to access the EHR and complete other related tasks.



The Most Bizarre Tax Deductions

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When it comes to doing you and your business' taxes, there are so many things to think about. For instance, many of you may be aware of dependent and education related deductions, but what about everything else? There are tons of deductions you or your business may qualify for, and some may surprise you. Let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre tax deductions and see how many of these can save you money.


Most Common Small Biz Website Mistakes

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Your business website is your window to the world: It’s how you find customers and how they find you. And if you try to pinch pennies on the maintenance and upkeep of that window, you could be costing your business a fair amount of revenue. Is your site optimized for mobile? Have you linked directly to social media channels? Do you have a phone number for how customers can reach you? These are some of the most common mistakes small-business owners make on their websites, according to MyCase. If you are not sure whether your website is up to snuff, take a look.


Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.50.16 AM.png


As small business owners spread themselves ever thinner, effective time management becomes harder and harder to achieve. For instance, a study performed by Mavenlink shows that one in four small business owners believe each productive hour in a day is worth upwards of $500. So how can small business owners make the most of their time? Take a look at the statistics and tips included in this infographic for more guidance!



Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.25.58 PM.png


Are you joining us for CDA Presents: San Francisco? We want to make 2015 the best year yet. Here's some of what we have planned:


Wanna win an annual CDA membership? We're hosting a scratch-to-win giveaway at booths #913 and #2138.

Three lucky winners will get their CDA annual membership for 2015 covered by Demandforce (including CDA, ADA and local chapter payment) or office supplies or speakers for your office!

To get the chance to win, scan your badge to get a scratcher, and you'll be able to find out if you win right away.


During the Show (Thursday-Saturday)

We're proud to announce our very first Generation Demandfore Live! Kiosk in our booth #2138. Schedule a Portal Optimization or General Support appointment, and you'll be able to meet 1:1 with one of our Customer Care representaties. We'll make sure you get all your Demandforce-related questions answered, and that you're taking full advantage of all our features. You can reserve your appointment here.


Thursday, Sept 4th:

Demandforce is hosting a community event at our headquarters (22 4th Street, 8th Floor) with a happy hour. This event is for Demandforce customers only, and we'll cover three key ways to make the most out of your Demandforce account. We're excited to announce that we'll be featuring guest speaker Kevin Burniston, Director of US Career Development at Henry Schein Dental. 


RSVP today to reserve your spot by contacting Marc Siegel – or call him at 408-705-0666.


Friday, Sept 5th:

Demandforce is throwing a party!  Come join us & mingle with Demandforce team members and your fellow colleagues. It will be from 7-9PM at Hawthorne (46 Geary St – between Grant & Kearny St). Looking forward to seeing you there!



Why Starting a Small Business is Like Learning to Walk (and Eventually Fly)

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Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.07.57 AM.png

This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager


You remember the day you chose to run your business like it was just yesterday. It was the day you said to yourself that you finally are going to be your own boss, that your destiny was now in your hands. Maybe it was sitting in a coffee shop, maybe it was laying in bed, up at night thinking like you always do. Visions of busy storefronts, of happy customers and excited employees filled your mind as you finally sent that 2 week notice to your boss.


Your dream was about to come true and were finally going to take over the driver’s seat. But wait! When you begin to take that pivotal first step to run your own business, you realize your legs are shaky and it may not be as simple as one foot over the other.


Running a small business isn’t really a run, but a crawl, a walk, a fall, and then getting back up. Learning to walk will eventually mean that you can learn to fly. Starting a small business felt a lot like watching your first child try to take their steps.




Speakers Announced for Quickbooks Connect!

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Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.25.26 AM.png


This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager


"You’ll feel it as soon as you arrive. The sense that you’re surrounded by people who share your motivation and determination to succeed. Join us for a unique opportunity to get inspired, learn valuable information and make important contacts. When you leave QuickBooks Connect, you’ll be ready to take your business to the next level."


We are so excited to announce that some BIG names are going to be speaking this October at Quickbooks Connect (#QBConnect) in San Jose, CA. Not only will you be able to mingle with other small businesses, but you will also be able to see Arianna Huffington, Mark Andreessen, and Bill Rancic speak about what matters most for you as a small business, as an entrepenuer, as a developer, or as an accountant. 


We have some really great surprises in store for you at the Quickbooks Connect conference, but we also want to connect with you - and learn how to be great, together.


Click here to secure your seat for this conference, it will be an event that you won't wanna miss! Will you be there?





[Infographic] Appointment Wait Times by City

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Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.56.03 AM.png

Whether you're a physician, or provide another type of appointment-based service, we all know how difficult it can be to schedule patients or clients. From when someone first calls in, it can sometimes be weeks before you're able to fit them into your already busy schedule. But how does your practice stack up against the competition? A survey conducted by Merritt Hawkins of practices in 15 metropolitan areas across the country found that the average wait time to get an appointment can vary widely. Check out their infographic to see how you're performing.


3 Things Your Small Biz Can Learn From the World Cup

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This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager.


World Cup Fever. It felt like you couldn’t escape the excitement of the World Cup recently, but other than a fun global game bringing countries together for one goal (to come out on top) there are lessons to be learned in business from the game. We’ve compiled a list of 3 things your small business can learn from the World Cup.



Its Townie Time Again!

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The time is upon us, voting has opened for the 2014 Townie Choice Awards.  Demandforce has collected 13 Townie Choice Awards to date thanks to our loyal customers and Dentaltown... And we want to do it again in 2014!



Demandforce is nominated this year in the following categories:


1) Dental Marketing

2) Internet Marketing & Web Services

3) Patient Communication Systems


If you have a few minutes, please take the time to cast your vote! Below are the steps to do so:

  1. Visit
  2. Log in or click the link to "Register" and follow the 6 step registration process and log in
  3. Click on "Townie Events" in the menu bar, then click "Townie Choice Awards"
  4. Vote!
  5. Show us you voted! Email a screen shot to

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 3.13.36 PM.png


Got negative reviews? Think that you have them under control? ZenDesk has released results from a recent study, which reveals the impact that the rise in social media and web review sites can have on a business' bottom line. For as much as we emphasize good customer service, the impact of bad customer service is nearly the same but with opposite results. So, put yourself in your customers' shoes and make it your number one goal to deliver fast, reliable, and convenient customer service!


The Beginner's Guide to Social Media Strategy

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Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 9.59.37 AM.png

This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager.


It’s time to handle your social media strategy like the professionals do. Sure, many people hand off their Twitter passwords to the most internet savvy person in the office and let them run wild, and sometimes that is successful but other times that can be detrimental. Most businesses who see success on social media don’t just hire the right person, but have a clear and defined goals for their social channels. We’re here to help walk you through what a social media strategy should look like for your small biz, and tailoring it to your audience so you can see your efforts thrive.


Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.33.16 AM.png

This post was written by Lea Chatham, Content Marketing Manager at Kareo, responsible for developing educational resources to help small medical practices improve their businesses.


Google Glass is the hot technology of 2014. It has quickly generated a lot of buzz in many industries and spawned a slew of Facebook and Twitter groups. Recently, famed tennis player Roger Federer wore it during a match, a first that was promoted widely in the press.


Is just a fun piece of tech or will it actually have a meaningful impact in healthcare and other industries? According to Tom Giannulli, MD, MS, Chief Medical Officer at Kareo, “Google Glass is a great technology for the physician practice. It allows doctors to record live instructions and share that recording with the patient to improve documentation and patient compliance.”




vet-PC-email-hero copy.png


We are excited to announce that we now offer customizable and automated postcards for veterinary practices! Postcards are a great way to reach your entire client base and remind them to bring their pets back in. 

Demandforce postcards are:


Affordable: Send for only $0.79 per postcard delivered. Postage included! 


Relevant: Choose from three types of postcards - birthday, vet reminders and preventative care. 


Customizable: Upload your logo, choose from 27+ front images, include a promotion, select a client testimonial and more!


Easy: Set up preferences once & postcards go out automatically each month to the right client with the right message. No more manually pulling lists! 


Measurable: Track your results and see clear return on investment.


Check out how they look in your portal!


Questions for a rep? Call (866) 505-3232. 


Your Online Reputation. Why It Matters, and Who Can Help!

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This post was written by Kacey Burr, the Channel Marketing Associate at Demandforce.


Our friends over at Kareo have created a valuable resource to help you build and enhance your online reputation, and to make it work for your practice. We were thrilled that they asked us to contribute in compiling this guide of best practices, “4 Steps to Building and Managing Your Practice’s Online Reputation.” It is full of simple and incredibly effective tips and tricks to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward online. You know you have a great practice, your current patients know it – why not work together to make sure the rest of the world knows it too?


Here is a sneak preview into some of the important advice Kareo has to offer, and a few ways Demandforce can help.


In the Know: Life Hacks for Speeding Up Productivity and Well-Being

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Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.10.44 AM.pngThis post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager.


We're continuing our series of blog posts featuring articles small businesses should be "In the Know" about! This week we are featuring "life hacks" you can use at your current job to better not only your performance, but your overall well-being. 




Bridging the Gap: San Francisco Fan Trip Giveaway Recap

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Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.56.15 AM.png

This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager.


San Francisco is all about love. We had the Summer of Love and people have been known to leave their heart here. Rumor has it, this is where the Demandforce offices are located. Just ask the winners of our Bridging the Gap contest who we flew to San Francisco.


We wanted to show our love to our customers, so we asked them what working at their business was like before Demandforce and after, and were overwhelmed by the responses. We laughed with you, we cried with you, and we had a really, really tough time choosing the few lucky winners. We wanted to share some highlights of the journey with all of you, and all the good times we had during Bridging the Gap.





Take this 1 minute quiz to access the right free resource to help ensure your business online accurately reflects YOU and all you have to offer!


Happy #SBW2014! 


The 3 Ways Google+ Is A+ for Your Small Business

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Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 9.13.13 AM.png

This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager.


Are you still scratching your head about whether or not to invest your time in Google+? Choosing which social media network to devote your precious time to can be a job in and of itself, so we’re here to make a case for adding Google+ to your must update list. Not only are your posts indexed in Google, but also give you the ability to segment your message to the right audience, with more eye-popping imagery.


Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.52.59 AM.png


This post was written by Jenny Urbano, our Social Media Manager.


Alright...alright, you know we always say it, but when you sign up with Demandforce you really are on a winning team. We wanted to take winning to the next level, by giving away four Sonos PLAY:1 speaker systems as part of our “Final Four” to four lucky businesses who requested a demo during April! This was music to the ears of the following businesses, because they are our big winners-



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